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Case studies can be very helpful for your customers – they help customers understand your business and your value

Case studies help you explain your business, your value proposition, your key advantages, etc. to the world. Case studies are therefore an important part of building your brand and marketing your company. In addition, Case Studies can be fairly quick from an “effort” stand point – it is just as easy for a tiny company to produce case studies as a huge company. Here is a great introduction to the topic…

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Example of a great patent wall

You may have heard the idea that you need to use patents to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). Companies that take this idea to the highest level build a “wall of patents” that can completely derail competition. Here is the ultimate expre3ssion of a patent wall at work…

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Question from HS student: Why doesn’t everyone start a business?

Last week I was able to speak to five classes at a local high school, and talk about my experiences as an entrepreneur. One of the students sent me this question via email: Why doesn’t everyone start a business? And the back story was, “if anyone can start a business and make money at it, why doesn’t everyone start a business doing something? Why doesn’t everyone start a web site? What is stopping people?” This video tries to answer the question in one way when it talks about distractions and excuses… To add to the video, I think there are at least seven reasons why people don’t get started: It seems like human beings, given a choice, would rather sit on the couch watching TV, or surfing Facebook, or playing video games, instead of doing something like “opening a business” or “starting a web site”. In my experience, 99% of people would prefer to sit on the couch, and only 1% of the people can ever get enough motivation/energy/inspiration together to get up off the couch and start something. I cannot explain why this is, but it is. Wouldn’t it be better to get off the couch and start something, even if it fails,

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