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Simple Startup Ideas

Sometimes a startup idea is big and bold. It requires millions of dollars and thousands of people. Think SpaceX. But lots of business ideas are much simpler and can be managed by one or a few people as they are getting started and ramping up. That is the kind of money-making and small-business ideas you will find here: Money Making Ideas on Videdia There are dozens of ideas here for you to explore and learn about. See if you find any of them interesting, then become a mini-expert in the area, and then get started.

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An Interesting Perspective on Ideas and Startups

This post on argues that if you are one person with an idea, you are essentially nothing. If you are starting a startup, you have to actually do something: “Your ‘idea’ is useless. It’s never been easier to learn about hardware, mechanics, biology, coding, healthcare, logistics, shipping etc. So the absolute least you can do if your that passionate about the ‘idea’ is dedicate a few hours to learning how to create it. Demonstrate how you put in slightly more effort than the hundreds of other emails the investor got.”Stop asking how to get money to build your ‘idea’. If you are a solo founder and can’t build something on your own NO ONE will fund you. Some of the comments are fascinating….

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