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The advantage of putting an autoplay video above-the-fold on your website’s home page

Here are three websites that use an autoplay video above-the-fold to tell their stories visually: Icon Aircraft High Point University GlowForge In all three cases, note how: You learn important points about the product almost instantly, without words. For example, with Icon Aircraft you learn that the plane can land in water, and also works at a normal airport, and can be folded onto a trailer for easy towing It is an extremely inviting, no-effort way for a visitor to learn about the product. No reading and no mental effort is required. A call-to-action button is an obvious thing for the user to click

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Case studies can be very helpful for your customers – they help customers understand your business and your value

Case studies help you explain your business, your value proposition, your key advantages, etc. to the world. Case studies are therefore an important part of building your brand and marketing your company. In addition, Case Studies can be fairly quick from an “effort” stand point – it is just as easy for a tiny company to produce case studies as a huge company. Here is a great introduction to the topic…

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Example of a great patent wall

You may have heard the idea that you need to use patents to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). Companies that take this idea to the highest level build a “wall of patents” that can completely derail competition. Here is the ultimate expre3ssion of a patent wall at work…

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