Case Study: HQ Trivia app

HQ – The Live Trivia Game is game app that has only been around for a few months (started in August 2017) and is exploding in popularity. It is not uncommon to get into a game and there’s a million people hooked in. Which really is amazing. Let’s go a little deeper…

Where did this app come from?

“HQ was founded by the creators of Vine — the now defunct six-second video app. The game launched as an iOS app in late August and has steadily climbed the app store charts.” [ref]

Are they making any money?

Not right now

How will they make money?

Probably via advertising.

Are investors interested? Some:

“And controversy and confusion over its business model hasn’t stopped venture capitalists from lining up to invest in the game… the duo was attempting to achieve a valuation of $100 million in a round of venture capital funding for HQ Trivia. Initially, plenty of VC investors seemed eager to sign on board; but Recode spoke to several who confessed they were wary because of the pair’s history.” [ref]

A little bit like Flappy Birds – it released, it was extremely resonant for whatever reason, and it spread like wildfire.

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