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The Rise of the Fake Gurus

If you spend any amount of time on YouTube, you have probably seen ads from a number of gurus promising to help you make millions of dollars with their “amazing systems”. This video has a commentary on the genre, calling them “fake gurus”: The Rise of Fake Gurus: The Dark Truth Behind Making MILLIONS from Online Courses. The video later got covered on /r/documentaries and there were hundreds of comments: (2020) The Rise of Fake Gurus: The Dark Truth Behind Making MILLIONS from Online Courses Here is one of the more popular comments: One of the first jobs I had out in Los Angeles was working for a production company that filmed for a lot of these guys. We filmed seminars for Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Joe Polish, and some others I don’t remember. This video is spot on about the content being useless. I filmed dozens of these, and every time I was amazed at just how little was actually said. You’d have a three day seminar that people pay $25,000 to attend, and I can’t really recall any single piece of actionable advice on how to grow your business or make money. The closest was Joe Polish saying “Raise your prices by 15%”. That’s

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Example of a great patent wall

You may have heard the idea that you need to use patents to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). Companies that take this idea to the highest level build a “wall of patents” that can completely derail competition. Here is the ultimate expre3ssion of a patent wall at work…

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The Joy of the Red Paperclip Experiment

I have been cleaning up some open links, and here is one I saved from a couple of months ago. The question on Reddit is “What small habit, if done everyday over the course of a year, can lead to the biggest personal improvement/ gain?”. One answer from /u/AskMeAboutMyTshirt is…

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