“Facebook Ads can be widely profitable if used correctly…”

An article with the opening line “Facebook Ads can be widely profitable if used correctly…” is going to be interesting no matter what, and this one is really interesting:

He has seven lessons that he expands on:

  • Lesson #1: Doesn’t matter how much you spend if your offer doesn’t convert (KNOW YOUR NUMBERS)
  • Lesson #2: Your initial targeting is the lifeline of your campaign for one reason
  • Lesson #3: The one change that increased Ad CTR by 120%
  • Lesson #4: Stop Anything That’s not inline with your CPA and Scale Whatever is making you money.
  • Lesson #5: Creating LAA audiences that remain the driving force moving forward.
  • Lesson #6: The trick that allows us to keep frequency down and lowers CPA 66%
  • Lesson #7: You’re really at the mercy of Facebook, don’t let this be your only means.

Lots of good comments too.

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