Getting help and coaching with investor pitches

Pitching to investors is a big deal. Get it right and your pitch can be worth millions of dollars. Get it wrong and you are back on the street with $0. Therefore it is worth your effort to get it right… One avenue is to find as much stuff on the Web as you can to aid in the effort. One famous dissertation on the topic comes from David Rose in his TED talk:

You can find a hundred helpful videos like this on YouTube, and thousands of articles on Google.

If you would like more from Rose, see also:

See also:

Other people in the pitch-coaching game include:

  1. David Beckett – Find him here:
  2. Monique Maley –
  3. Andrea Barrica –
  4. Martin Soorjoo –
  5. Matthew Pollard –
  6. Chris Lipp –



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