How to promote an eBook

Let’s say that you would like to create an eBook and sell it. One way: You can write the book and post it to the Kindle store on Amazon. One problem with this technique is that, unless people find your book, you will get zero sales. There are a million examples of Kindle books that go nowhere. So what is a better way???

The better way is to create a web site that pushes your eBook hard, and then drive traffic to the web site. These eBook web sites all seem to have a similar feel/style, and similar elements. Here is an example of one:

They started with a kickstarter campaign actually, which did three things for them: 1) it gave them guaranteed revenue at the start, 2) it proved resonance, and 3) it gave them some name recognition in the marketplace around the name “Secret Sauce” (which BTW is a great name):

They do PR on Reddit, etc. like this:

Look at other eBook sites to design your own site in this style. You can use growth hacking techniques in the Secret Sauce book to promote your own book. See also:


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