Sonic Soak – example of something that did extremely well on IndieGoGo

They claim it can clean anything (Clothes, fruits vegetables) that you can fit into a sink or bowl using the power of…


Sonic Soak: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

The technology has been around for decades, and they have repackaged it to create a $1+ million campaign:

What is Sonic Soak?

Sonic Soak is a device that aims to revolutionize cleanliness and hygiene in our daily lives by using ultrasonic cleaning technology. Sonic Soak’s modulated ultrasonic waves travel through water to clean at a microscopic level.

The page on IndieGoGo shows the basics of a successful campaign, and then there is something else. Even though the campaign ended 2 months ago, they are now continuing to advertise pre-orders:

Sonic soak ad

Shows what can happen when a crowdfunding campaign really takes off.

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