Such a great video – Annie Spano explains how she started and grew her web site

This video is great – it is a one-hour interview with Annie Spano, founder of, on how she grew her site from zero to 2,000 users paying $100 per year…

The first 16 minutes is her back story and formative experiences, and then around 16:10 she starts talking about her “side hustle”, which has grown into her full-time gig. The thing that is so interesting about Annie’s story is the fact that she started with just 3 things in February 2016:

  1. WordPress web site
  2. BBPress forum plugin for WordPress
  3. Paypal paywall

She charged $10/month or $100/year. With just those three things, as she describes it in the video, she was able to get 16 paying customers in her first month, then 20 paying customers in March, and so on. Now she has nearly 2,000 paying customers and she is hosting her first paid event in Raleigh. It is an amazing success story, completely in line with the “$100 startup” idea.

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