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Question from HS student: Why doesn’t everyone start a business?

Last week I was able to speak to five classes at a local high school, and talk about my experiences as an entrepreneur. One of the students sent me this question via email: Why doesn’t everyone start a business? And the back story was, “if anyone can start a business and make money at it, why doesn’t everyone start a business doing something? Why doesn’t everyone start a web site? What is stopping people?” This video tries to answer the question in one way when it talks about distractions and excuses… To add to the video, I think there are at least seven reasons why people don’t get started: It seems like human beings, given a choice, would rather sit on the couch watching TV, or surfing Facebook, or playing video games, instead of doing something like “opening a business” or “starting a web site”. In my experience, 99% of people would prefer to sit on the couch, and only 1% of the people can ever get enough motivation/energy/inspiration together to get up off the couch and start something. I cannot explain why this is, but it is. Wouldn’t it be better to get off the couch and start something, even if it fails,

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