The value of pivoting, tweaking, mentoring and seeking advice

Sometimes we have an idea, we implement it, people start using it, and our idea IMMEDIATELY starts resonating. Love him or hate him, this is what happened with Justin Bieber. He put up a few videos on Youtube and lightning struck very quickly.  While this can and does happen, it is pretty rare.

What normally happens instead is that we try something, and it doesn’t work. There might be a seed of genius in there, but it is obscured by a bunch of stuff that is holding it back. This is where we need other people to help us see things in a new way.

Would you like to experience a great, and unbelievable, example of this process?

Think about the first Star Wars movie. It has been an incredible success – no question! But have you ever seen the first version of it that George Lucas created? It turns out that the original cut was kind of a dog, and it took a lot of mentoring and help for the movie that we all know and love to emerge. You can see how the transformation unfolded in this video:

How can the original version have so many problems, while the final version is so amazing? The answer is: lots of mentoring, advice, editing, tweaking, etc. Lucas had all of the pieces there. They just needed to be arranged differently to make a compelling product.


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