How to Start a Drop Shipping Business

One of the easier types of business a person can start is a drop shipping business. The term “drop shipping” usually means that you:

  1. Take an order from a customer (typically on a web site)
  2. Then send the customer’s order and shipping information to a manufacturer

Then the manufacturer handles the shipping and the customer receives the product. The big advantage is that you never have to hold the merchandise in inventory, saving you a ton of startup capital and inventory risk. If you can create an attractive and easy-to-use site in a niche that resonates, it can work out well. Here are several articles that can help you understand the lay of the land:

There are several things to work out, as you will discover in these articles. For example, what if the merchandise gets damaged during shipment? What if the customer wants to return the merchandise for a refund? What if the merchandise never arrives?

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